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Stories of Grimm’s fairy tale series


The little puppet got long nose

Prince is dancing with princess

Squirrel jump up to the branch

Roses bloom in the fens

There is candy house in the wood

Rainbow bridge behind the cloud

Pumpkin wheels rolls forward

There is full of beauty and dreams in fairy tales

1 Inspiration source

Children’s indoor furniture is necessity for them to play in kindergarten, it contributes to the papa tākaro for kids. We want to create a tiny wonderland in their minds, a place in which they can recreate and live.Choosing “fairy tale” as the theme is natural, it’s the symbol of beauty, just like children themselves. None will be child forever, but there will always be child. In their hearts, there’s would always be some fairy tales glowing and warming them.

2 Welcome to ~ the snack bar under the tree

A little cabinet is hiding behind the bush, with a tiny grassy head out only. and in it, there are delicious breads. Through a small wooden door, children can treat themselves as they want. Fridge, microwave oven, cabinet... you can find everything you need in this bar.


In the Role-play Zone, they could be shop keeper in a chief’s hat, could be waiter or waitress with apron, could be elf waiting for meal, could be animals drown by the smell of food... they can be whatever they want to be.


By this way, they can learn more about life in a fairy way, and no matter what kind of character they choose to be, they will always be the protagonists in their own fairy tales. 

3 Tired of reading stories Take a break 

There’s a secret garden in the wood-- “the Painting Zone”. In this section, there’s are endless amazing tales, some from ancient times, some from another side of the world; there are tales of flowers, tales of starlight...


Numerous of amazing and wonderful tales are there for kids to read. They can lie on the pillows in the middle of sod,diving into wonderlands, share their feelings with characters in stories, making friends with them, and I believe they would make good friends, they always does. Once they got tired, they can take a nap in the tree house by the sides. I’m sure they would have sweet dreams in there. 

4 The story will begin what did you learn today? 

Now sit tight, the story is about to begin. At here, adult would sit in the middle, children sit around him, telling what they learned today. Some learned bravery from Cinderella, some learned that Snow White is pretty, some learned that only good kids can get help from angels, and never be the bad wolf...


Sharing, communicating, children’s worlds are full of unexpected tales, full of strange knowledge. Adults needn’t to say a word, kids will share their own tales. 

5 I am the protagonist of fairy tales

Long time ago, there’s a person named Grimm, he recorded some amazing stories he witnessed and heard, and all these stories make “Grimm’s fairy tales”.


And today, in the art zone and constructing zone, children can make their own tales with brushes, soil and bricks, they can build their own dreams, create their own “fairy tales”.


Every child is the protagonist of their own life.

Series Name Grimm’s tale Series

Series Type Children’s Indoor Furniture

Design Team Zhejiang Province Feiyou Preschool Education Institution

Series material Red Rose Timber

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